Top Trending Royal Mehndi Designs For Hands – Simple And Stylish

royal mehndi designs for hands

As you’re searching for royal mehndi designs for your hands for upcoming events like Holi, EID, or Wedding in India. Umasala brings you Top trending¬† royal mehndi designs for hands which are simple and stylish designs of mehndi. What makes a mehndi design a “Royal Mehndi Designs For Hands”? Well, front hands with fully covered … Read more

Henna Tattoo is one of the earliest Practices – Mehendi Updates


Henna tattoo is one of the earliest practices of the people from the Middle East Asian countries that were passed on from generation to generation and advances to today’s modern genre of body painting and artistic expression. People back then, particularly the women wear different designs; it was a tradition for weddings and festivities. When … Read more

Girls love to apply Mehendi on Eid day

Mehendi is most popular all around the world Mehendi Eid is a significant Muslim Festival; it is similar to Christmas and New Year in western countries. Mehndi tattoos or Designs for are generally worn by women to beautify themselves and to celebrate Eid. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for Eid are important for girls. However, it … Read more

Tattoo Designs and Aftercare – Tattoo Mehndi Designs Collections 2024

While searching Mehndi tattoo designs online, you will not normally also think tattoo aftercare even though it is probable to get information on every of these on the same websites. Actually, a tattoo site that gives you lots of designs without any guidance on how to concern for them, or for the skin, would be … Read more

How to chose a Traditional Mehndi Dress?

A Pakistani traditional wedding is not complete without the elegant bridal mehndi dress that increases the loveliness of the bridal. Mehndi function is an essential part of the Pakistani traditional wedding. The bridal eagerly waits for her time to choose the most excellent mehndi dress. There is no dearth of diversity as when it comes … Read more

9 Easy Henna Mehndi Designs Ideas

Mehendi is a small tropical shrub, whose leaves when dried and ground into a paste, give out a rusty red pigment, suitable for making intricate designs on the hands and feet. The Mehendi has a cooling property and no side effects on the skin. Mehendi is very suitable for creating intricate patterns on different parts … Read more