Types and Causes of Insomnia Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders

It is estimated that over half of all Americans experience insomnia at least 3 days a week. Insomnia Sleep Disorder is characterized by having trouble falling or staying asleep. It is a regular condition and can range from mild to severe depending on how frequently it happens. The condition may be chronic or ongoing, or … Read more

Ginger tea health benefits

Ginger tea

Ginger tea health benefits We have always been advised against drinking tea and informed about the underlying risks of too much intake of Ginger tea . Now with new theories and researches the old school of thought is being useless and tea drinking is considered to be very helpful for health. Ginger tea is a … Read more

Girls love to apply Mehendi on Eid day

Mehendi is most popular all around the world Mehendi Eid is a significant Muslim Festival; it is similar to Christmas and New Year in western countries. Mehndi tattoos or Designs for are generally worn by women to beautify themselves and to celebrate Eid. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for Eid are important for girls. However, it … Read more

Three Main Types Of Skin Cancer That Usually Happens -Protect Your Skin from the Sun

protect your skin from the sun

Nowadays, the problem of skin cancer has increased rapidly and thousand of people all over the world are facing this problem. The main and big reason of this disease is the long exposure to the damaging ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. The people who lives or takes vacations in regions with strong sun are more prone … Read more

Which Foods You Must Get to Shine Your Hair in Winter!

Taking care of Shine Your Hair in Winter with shampoo and conditioner may not be enough for you to get hair that is really beautiful and healthy. If you really desire to get the healthy, fresh, and shiny hair, you can consider your food. In short, do not emphasize on outer treatment only, but also … Read more