Prevent Lip Cancer By Following These Useful Tips

Cancer of the lip refers to cancer that occurs in the tissues of the lips. Lip cancer is very dangerous cancer but you can prevent it by doing some of the very simple and easy things. People can easily avoid lip cancer by making good choices about diet and the use of alcohol and tobacco.

Prevent Lip Cancer By Following These Useful Tips

Smoking and all types of tobacco products like pipes, cigarette and cigars are the major cause of lip cancer. People can decrease their chance of developing lip cancer by limited the use of these harmful products.

You may don’t know that gender and age are two more things that can be a big cause of lip cancer. The aged people have more chances to have lip cancer than young ones and this problem usually occurs more commonly in men than in women.

Everybody should regularly check the signs and symptoms of lip cancer. There are a lot of signs of lip cancer such as bumps, lumps, sores, or thickenings near or in the mouth, unexplained oral bleeding, velvety patches in the mouth, numbness or pain in the face, neck, or mouth, and hoarseness or other voice changes. Trouble chewing or swallowing, persistent sores, weight loss, ear pain and a feeling that something is stuck in the throat are other warning signs are also can be a reason of lip cancer.

Usually people apply sun screen on their face, neck and hands but forget to apply it on the lips but they don’t know that lip palm can help to prevent its cancer. It is advisable to apply lip balm with SPF protection as part of your sunscreen routine. When you go to bazaar to buy lipsticks, it is good to chose one that has UV-ray-blocking agents. It is said that lip cancer caused by sun exposure tend to form on the lower lip, but it is necessary for both lips to be protected from the sun throughout the year. Usually people don’t understand but the lip palms are also important even in the winter season when UV rays are more powerful than summer season.

To prevent lip cancer, it is recommended to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day because a dry mouth can be a reason of mouth sores and lip cancer.

If you see any white or red lesions in the mouth then it is necessary to immediately pay special attention to this change. Some studies have shown that these lesions are a sign of pre-cancerous changes in the cells of the mouth. It is very important to quickly remove these dysplastic cells to prevent oral cancer from developing.

Lip cancer is very life threatening and deadly disease as well as it is a silent type of cancer. If you want to prevent this disease then it is necessary to avoid above risk factors at all cost. Tobacco is the most known cause of lip cancer so it is better cease smoking from now on to stop any diseases such as this.

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Oral cancer includes the cancer of lip, cheek, sinuses, tongue, tongue, and floor of the mouth, tongue, or hard or soft palate. Oral cancer can be fatal if does not diagnosis and treatment on time. Lip cancer is one of the types of oral cancer and it is widely increasing, so you must take some useful steps to prevent it because prevention is better than cure.

To prevent lip cancer, it is very important to immediately stop smoking and using chewing tobacco. Numerous researches have shown that smokers are six times more prone to develop lip cancer than non-smokers are, and the people who use smokeless tobacco are also at a high risk.

Alcohol is the main cause of lip cancer and it contributes highly in this disease especially if the patient is a smoker or using any sort of tobacco. Everybody must limit the consumption of alcohol because it can fasten the growth of cancer by three folds than those people who don’t drink.

It is usually suggested to use lip balms with UV protection whenever you go out in the sun to lower your risk of lip cancer. If you want to prevent the major risks associated with alcohol and tobacco use, then protect yourself by applying sunscreen around and on your lips. It is also good to use an umbrella or wear a hat when going out in the sun and it will protect your facial area to prevent any sun’s harmful rays.

Researches reveled that men are more prone to lip cancer than women and the development of skin cancer is also depend on the place where people live. It is shown that people live in Asia have a much lower risk of developing lip cancer than those living on other continents. Lip cancer is extremely rare in many parts of Asia.

Consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis will also help to prevent lip cancer. The food that is high in fiber and protein is always good for the body on a whole. Many doctors suggest that a minimum of 5 serving of vegetables and fruits must be consumed by an individual on regular basis.

To prevent the lip cancer, it is good to do an oral self exam at least once in a month. For this, you have to need a mirror and then examine your lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. You must also check beneath your tongue for the signs of sores, discoloration, or thickened patches of tissue. Check if there any swelling in your lymph nodes, and go to your doctor immediately for any suspicious findings.

Proper oral hygiene is very important thing to avoid any kind of infections which may give rise to cancerous cells. To minimize the risk of developing cancer, a proper hygiene must be followed by the people.

The last thing to avoid lip cancer is to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and avoid eating foods high in sugars and fats.

Major Facts Of Developing Lip Cancer

Cancer can be developing in different parts of the body and the lip cancer can be categorized in the group of oral cancer. There are many factors that can cause lip cancer and some of them are tobacco, alcohol, sun exposure, the (HPV) human papilloma virus, gender and age. A study showed that among nearly 26, 000 new oral cancer cases that are diagnosed yearly in the United States, around ten – fifteen percent are lip cancer.

People usually know that smoking is a big reason of lung cancer but they actually don’t know that it is also a big reason of oral cancer. 30,000 new cases of mouth cancer are reported in the United States every year and unfortunately, many will die from it. It is easy to detect the lip cancer as it can be seen and felt; usually it is passed off as some other less damaging condition.

The people who drink alcohol without limit are more prone to lip cancer and it is said that up to 70 percent of people with oral cancer are heavy drinkers. The people who drink alcohol and also do smoking have a big chance of developing cancer. The smokers who drink than in the normal population are on a big risk of oral cancer.

There is not valid proof, but many studies also show that that being infected with certain strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Herpes Simplex, Epstein or Barr virus may be also a lip cancer risk factor.

The people who are more than 40 years are more prone to lip cancer then young ones and mostly the cases of cancer are detected more in men. The people who have black skin complexion have more chances of developing skin cancer. Lip cancer can also be dangerous for the people who have previous background of history of cancerous growth.

Many studies reveled that extreme sun exposure of the lips is a possible risk factor for lips cancer. The people who do outdoor jobs are more prone to this type of cancer. The ultraviolet sun rays are the main cause of the skin changes that predispose people to the growth of cancer.

When you know that you have a lip cancer, then it is important to immediately go to your doctor and cure it by radiation therapy or surgery. Later stages may also be treated with radiation or surgery or a grouping of the two. For more advanced disease, chemotherapy and targeted therapies may also be used. It is very important to cure your lip cancer at very early stages, unless the cancer has spread through out the body and is interfering with the function of a very important organ. However, the white blood cell count can fall in the chemotherapy. The white blood cells fight off infection in your body but this can increase your risk of getting an infection and having it become more serious. If you have some serious symptoms, such as high fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit), change in level of consciousness, excessive bleeding, rapid heartbeat, or lethargy then immediately seek the medical help.