Every Body Should Know The Common Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

Many researches have reveled that sun burn can be very dangerous for your skin and it can be lead to skin cancer and aging and that’s why many people want to know that how they can avoid it. Sunburn is a very painful condition and actually has long term effects that can be fairly harmful to the appearance of the skin, as well to the overall health. In this article, you will read some simple and easy steps to avoid the harmful sun burn. Symptoms of skin cancer

To prevent sun burn, it is important to wear proper dressing that help to defense your body against the harsh UV rays of sun. You should wear a wide rimmed hat to protect the scalp and face and it will help to not allow light to pass through. Moreover, you should protect your eyes and for this you should wear sunglasses to prevent UV rays from damaging the eyes. You must also wear the dress that fully covers your body such as long sleeves and pants that cover your arms and legs.

If possible, try to not go out in the sun between 10 am to 2 pm when the sun rays are more damaging and intense. Men have to go outside because of their work so they must think about some extra protection especially during peak hours when the sun’s rays can cause the most damage. Sportsmen like bike racers, joggers and other athletes should try to do their practice during the morning hours, or later in the evening.

Whenever you go out in the sun, try to apply a good sunscreen or sun block that will help to give you protection against the dangerous UV rays of sun. Sun screen can be removed because of sweet so it is recommended to reapply it after every two hours. The people who have fair skin complexion must choose a higher SPF- 30 and the people with normal skin color can choose a sun screen with 15 SPF.

Usually people think that clouds prevent the sun from causing damage but the truth is that clouds actually allow a lot of UV rays to pass through, which still causes harm to the skin. Even in a cloudy day, you must fully protect your body by applying the sun screen and wearing the proper clothes.

To avoid the sun burn, you can also apply coconut oil on your body as it is a natural sun protector that will prevent damaging ultra violet rays from being absorbed into your skin. You can buy coconut oil from your local supermarket and it can be surly protect your skin from the sun. Coconut oil is very good for skin and that’s why make up industry use this oil in their products. Along with protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays, it also helps your skin to make it younger and beautiful!

To avoid the sun burn it is also very important to drink plenty of water as it avoids dehydration that is a major cause of sun burn.

Every Body Should Know The Common Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

To protect and preserve your skin from the strong rays of the sun, sunscreen screen is very important. The patients of skin cancer are increasing at high rate and especially fair skinned people who have red hair are more prone to this disease. You can find a big range of sun screens in the market that are designed for different uses.

Expose of different body parts to the sun rays can seriously damage your skin and if you want to reduce it then must apply sun screen on regular basis. Sun screen will help your skin to make it smooth, soft and more so retain the youthful facade.

The people who have sensitive skin must be extra careful about their and they need extra safety measures. Everybody must apply sun screen on the upper body and arms, face, back of the neck, ears and on the feet as well. You must carefully buy the products and choose one that does not clog your pores. The people who have sensitive skin must use extra amount of lotion.

You must use a high SPF sunscreen when you are going to the beach, going out to sea or outdoor activities. In outdoor activities, the skin is exposed to prolonged, direct sun which, aside from the life threatening potential, accelerates wrinkling of the skin and can also result in other cosmetic effects. Some sweat resistant products are available for particularly intense activities that make certain the defensive effects endure even when the skin is sweaty.

Sun screens are also very beneficial to slow down the aging process and you will look young and beautiful for long time. Moisturizing oils and anti-oxidants are two main ingredients in the sun screen that that are quite good for anti aging and also fill the needs of many people to get away from aging process.

You can find sunscreens in many shapes such as sprays, creams, and lotions. These sun screens have a label with a sun protection factor (SPF) number which works as a guide for its strength. The SPF number shows the ability of sunscreen to filter out UVB only and not UVA.

Carefully choose the sunscreen for your face because it does not give any protection to your skin if it has no power to do it. You will see a lot of sun screens in the market but you must choose one that has sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. It helps your skin and protects it from the sun about 93 percent. The people who have sensitive skin and are more prone to sun burn and other allergies, they must buy an SPF 30 sunscreen, which offers 97 percent protection against sun rays. Buying a sunscreen which helps to protect against the UVA UVB rays is not as difficult as you think.

Usually people apply a very small amount of sun screen on their body but studies found that people apply 50 percent of the recommended amount, so they don’t fully protect their skin.

Symptoms of skin cancer

Sunscreen is a product that specifically designed for protecting the skin against the unsafe UV rays of the sun. Sun screen usually have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which help the skin to protect against the sun rays. You will get numerous benefits of using sun screen regularly on your skin.

In recent years, people usually like to choose organic sunscreens because they want a natural alternative to traditional products. Organic sun screens give a lot of benefits that mainstream sunscreens lack, namely the absence of synthetic oils, chemicals and preservatives.

The people who apply organic sun screen on daily basis enjoy many great benefits such as they reduce the chances of get serious skin damage as well as there skin remain smooth and soft. It also helps to moisturize the skin and prevents it from drying out and becoming rough and chapped. Normally people apply sun screen just in summer months, but applying sun screen in winter season is also very important.

Usually people like to buy organic products for their children because they want to use natural products for their kids as they care for them. The parents who have children with allergies or that are more prone to skin reactions and breakouts especially want to use organic products. You can find a lot of organic sun screens in the market that are especially formulated for children with sensitive skin but these types of sunscreen can be also used by the whole family.

There are a lot of natural elements that you will find in organic sun screen and all these have beneficial qualities for overall skin. The most important element you find in sun screen is titanium dioxide that is used to block harmful sun rays. This element is naturally derived and it is also non-toxic. There are also many other elements in the sun screen such as zinc oxide, PABA (Para Amino Benzoic), and Benzophenone. Zinc oxide is also very helpful to your skin because it effectively blocks the harmful UV rays aside from providing your skin with the natural elements that it needs.

Everybody should use sunscreen before going out because it will protect you from different diseases such skin cancer, old looking skin, wrinkles, painful sunburns, dry and irritated skin, and it will leave your body feeling moisturized and smooth. You can find organic sun screen in many brands in the market but you must buy one that meats your needs. You must carefully check the ingredients of the product and also check the price. When you go out, reapply it after every two hours and after taking bath because organic sunscreen is not waterproof.

Along with preventing different diseases, organic sun screen also helps in slowing down ageing process of the skin caused by over exposure to the sun. It also helps to stop the growth of wrinkled and leathery skin that has harmful pigmentation. It is also a good product for the people who use medications to sensitize their skins to sun rays.

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