Different Types of Mehndi

Applying Mehndi on hands is not as hard an art as it is made to come out. You can easily apply mehndi on one of your hands or can get mehndi applied on your hands from any one else. Before applying the mehndi in your hands is it sensible to put lemon or eucalyptus oil on the part where the mehndi is going to be applied.

There are lots of diverse types of mehndi, depends on different backgrounds cultural. The trendiest ones are Pakistani, Arabic, Indian and African. These designs are mostly simple to make out from others. Recently, glitter mehndi along with the adding of rhinestones and binds is also popular.
The mehndi stick is applied through the medium plastic cone. At times the metal tipped jacquard bottle that is also useful for the mehndi use. In order to make more deep color you can wrap up the part were mehndi is applied using plastic and tissue. It is washed after six to eight hours of application. The mehndi design can also be light or dark orange ad red in color. Its color is darkens through the procedure of oxidation with in 24 to 72 hours. The last color of the mehndi is reddish brown.

Different types of Mehndi

Pakistani Mehndi:

Pakistani mehndi designs are a combination of difficult versions of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. These mehndi designs are also very detailed and are worn by bridals on mehndi, wedding. Even small girls apply simple designs of these mehndi on wedding ceremony.
Arabic Mehndi:

The Arabic style of Mehndi is fairly varied and it has a large range of designs. Compared with the intricate mehndi designs of Indian, Arabic designs are greatly simpler. Usually, Arabic designs have flowers, leaves and veins. These mehndi designs are ideal applicant if you desire to extend the design from foot to leg or from hand to arm.
Indian Mehndi:

The well known design for Indian mehndi is a huge spot or figure in the center of the palm or back side of the hand. The finger tips are fully colored. Indian mehndi can also be extremely intricate and detailed. It is time taking and the designs, mainly for bridals, can be very tiring to full. Indian mehndi is famous because of its details and well fill-ins.

African Mehndi:

Just as the Arabic complement these mehndi designs are also not completely filled. These designs are consisting on lines, geometric shapes, dots and squares. The spaces linking the lines are not as much as that of Arabic designs. These designs coat your hands, arms like a fine net.

Arabic Mehndi

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