How you care your lips in winter season?

How you care your lips in winter season?

Winter is a season which needs skin care of full body and a particular worry of your face.  Lips have a really thin external layer and few oil making glands, which can lead to extreme dryness. Dry chapped lips are a general difficulty in winter season. Smooth and soft lips figure among the leading indicators … Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Silicone Cosmetics

Avoid Silicone Cosmetics

 Most of us have used cosmetic products that contain some kind of silicone, whether we know it or not. That’s because silicones are an essential part of the mass-produced cosmetics industry. They’re easy to produce and use, considered “safe,” and perhaps most important of all – they’re cheap. And they’re in almost everything, from the … Read more

Pakistani Traditional Wedding Fashion

Wedding is a tremendous traditional occasion in every one’s life. The jewelry and dress play the major role as the bride and the groom desire to look elegant and stylish. Wedding jewelry and dress is very significant in Pakistan as well. Pakistani bridal chooses a wonderful wedding dress to look attractive and she will remember … Read more

Make your Brown Eyes Beautiful with these useful tips

Brown eyes, compared to the lots of other catching eye colors, have their own drama, one that shows a glow of the earth’s base color, and the warmth of its richness. Some girls would really love to have brown eyes, while some girls who already have them are just not so pleased with it, thinking … Read more

Flawless Skin For Your Perfect Day

A wedding day is a more important and memorable day of a woman’s life and so she wants to look more gorgeous and beautiful on her great day. A bridal wants to look radiantly beautiful on her wedding because the eyes of all the guests and friends are focus on her. Therefore, it is very … Read more