Tips For Shiny And Healthy Hair In Summer Season

Many people love the summer season because it is the time to have great fun and they love to go to the beach and pool. People like to spend their time in the beautiful hot sunny weather but unluckily this can lead to hair damage. In this article, you will read some of the great ways to prevent damage to your hair and enjoy your summer.

When we think about summer hair care then the most important thing is to drink enough water throughout the day. If you drink extra water in a day, then don’t worry because it will never hurt you. Doctors suggest drinking 8 glasses of water a day but you don’t limit yourself to the 8 glasses a day. You can drink 10, 12, 16, or even 20 glasses of water a day and it will never harm you especially in summer season. Along with drinking enough water a day, you have to make sure that your hair gets its daily hydration. And to hydrate your hair, you have to use a high quality conditioner that greatly suited to your hair type. When you go to bazaar to choose a conditioner for your hair, try different brands to get the one that perfectly suits you. You can buy some sample packs and apply them on your face over the span of a month. If is not always necessary to buy expensive products for your skin, often cheaper conditioners might turn out to be much better than their costly counterparts.

If you are planning to spend a day on a pool or ocean then it is necessary to wet your hair before going in the water. If will help to reduce the absorption of the salty water and chlorinated. It is also important to wash your hair when you get out of ocean or pool too. It is good to prevent the effects of the chlorinated water than to remove.

If you have a problem of frizzy hair because of summer heat, then it is best to choose hairstyles that hide away your frizzy hair. To keep hair ends safe inside, you can try braids, buns or at least ponytails.

In the summer season, whenever you go outside, it is important to wear hats to prevent the harsh sun rays. You can buy a lot of trendy and modern hats and even start a new trend among your friends with your cool and beautiful hat. Buy hats with some light color that don’t keep your head too hot.

In the summer season, if you wash your hair on daily basis, then it is important to use a gentle shampoo. Buy a shampoo with natural ingredients according to the type of your hair.

To have health and shiny hair in summer season, it is important to eat healthy foods. Healthy body is very important because if your body is not healthy, your mane will lose its vigor and shine and start to look boring and dull, because it is a mirror of your health at all times.

Six Best Ways To Have Soft And Supple Hands In Summer:

It is very important to care for your skin in all seasons but you have to give extra attention to your skin in the hot summer season. People spend a lot of time to have pink and glowing face skin but they don’t give enough attention to their hands. But the truth is that our hands are also very important and they need extra care and attention. You can identify the age of anybody by his or her hands not only face. People usually use harsh soaps for washing hand but they don’t know that soaps have many harmful chemicals which bring negative effects on human skin. In this article, I am giving you some of the best hand tips that help you to have soft and supple hands in the summer season.

Moisturize Your Hands:

The first think you have to do for soft and supple hands is to moisturize your hands on daily basis. Usually people think that using hand cream once in a day is enough but you have to moisturizing your hands at least 3 different times in a day, and in this way you can make sure that your skin stays soft and pink! Moisturizing the hands is very important for you because the more you wash your hands; the drier they are going to be.


Dermatologists and other skin experts recommend applying sunscreen on your face but you may not have thought about using sunscreen on your hands. Sun can badly damage your skin, and you may develop liver spots or age spots and brownish areas. Apply sunscreen on your hands and it will become second nature to keep your hands protected from the tips

Rubber Gloves:

It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves while working in the kitchen with harsh chemicals detergents and soaps. Wearing gloves is also necessary during spading snow or gardening. Wearing gloves will protect your hands from harsh chemicals and stop them from losing natural softness.

Hand lotions:

It is also very important to buy lotions that are specially made for your hands. The hand lotions are a bit thicker than face lotions and they have special nutrients and vitamins that are best for your hands. You should apply these lotions on hands on daily basis so that your skin will stay soft and pink and you will be able to show off your hands in front of everyone!

Olive Oil:

We all heard about the great affects of olive oil for skin so you must use it on your hands. Warn olive oil in a pan and softly rub it on your hands, then leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes and wash off with natural soap and warm water. If you have extreme rough and dull hands then you can leave olive oil on your hands overnight, but don’t forget to wear some cotton gloves.


Manicure the hands are extremely necessary at least once in a month and it helps to remove the cuticles, dead and helps in keeping the nails healthy and strong.

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