Some useful tips to keep your Silver Jewelry Sparkly

Silver jewelry is extremely trendy these days and it has such a cool and clean look to it that many people love to add the shine of silver to their overall style. However, silver jewelry will not continue as beautiful and shiny without proper care. You have to remember that true silver is a soft metal and silver tends to dull if you do not clean and maintain it correctly.

Part of keeping your silver jewelry shining and clean is to store it correctly. If you store it warily you will be able to decrease tarnishing of the piece. Many people make the error of storing their silver in a wooden jewelry box loose with other pieces. Most vital is to store your jewelry which makes it shine and beautiful forever. Put your jewelry in plastic bag and bear in mind that other piece of jewelry is not included in plastic bag; it will defend it from air which causes fast tarnishing. And this will help keep your jewelry safe from scratches, but it will also defend it from the air.

You can use liquid soap with tepid water and by using a soft and fresh cloth you can apply this solution to your jewelry and get rid of dirt or you dip your jewelry into the solution. After this, you will take your jewelry out of water so you may dry it and rinse it off. You can see instant results when using liquid cleaner, it will also remove make-up or light dirt.clean-jewelry

Polishing cloth is another great way for putting a quick shine on your favorite jewelry and for keeping your jewelry looking beautiful. A soft, dry jewelry polishing cloth is perfect to keep with you for any quick fixes you may require to make. These cloths are soaked with an oily solution that will clean-up anything from an old penny to the most tarnished sterling silver.

One more good way to clean your silver jewelry is to use the mundane tooth paste. Yes, you can use a non abrasive tooth paste to return the shine on your silver jewelry. You have to use a very soft bristled tooth brush to clean it. Even you can use some baking powder and hot water to clean your precious silver jewelry. For shining and good looking habitual cleaning is most vital which will give an antique look.


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