Some useful Tips for Bridal Eye makeup

Your wedding day will be one of the most vital days of your life and you have spent many, many months plan every single feature. And when it comes to deciding how you desire your make-up done for the big day pay particular attention to how you’re going to have your eyes done up. The correct amount of eye make-up in the ideal matched shades will not only make you look gorgeous, but will also make your eyes stand out for photographs. But before you go using huge amounts of eye shadow and liner to your eyes, make sure to take a look at our do’s and don’ts for bridal eye make up.

First and foremost, before applying any eye make-up, confirm that you applied powder to set your foundation. If you only applied a moisturizer, tinted or not, pat with a little powder with a triangular wedged sponge. This way, you can evade any potential shine in the eye area and stop from any other eye make-up products from caking in the crease of your eye. Moreover, make sure you allowed your moisturizer to soak up in your skin before powdering.

Pick a highlight color that is deep, but not glittery, a good pearl white or cream is ideal. The highlight does not require going along the whole brow bone, it just needs to go in the area directly below the arch of the brow; this will draw the light to that area, making the brows look more clear, and giving the face dimension.

After using the eye make-up look, take some of the same highlight color as used on the brow bone and dab it into the middle of the eye-lid. This will not be completely visible to the eye, but the reflective pearlescent particles will grasp the light in a photo and make the eyes look brighter and wider.

Using the same highlight color again, apply it into the inner corner of the eye, over the tear duct. This adds brightness to the look, and gives a fresh feeling to the eyes. In photographs this will also counter any trend for eyes to disappear into a dimensionless shape, as the points of reflective material at the three key areas will grasp the light and bring the eyes alive.

False eyelashes are also a trendy choice for bridals. When choosing false eyelashes, pick a set that will increase the thickness and length of your own eyelashes without overdoing it. Once applied, they will make a full, natural looking lash line without being noticeably false.

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