Skin and Hair care Before your Wedding Day

We all desire to look special on our great wedding day and one of the best things you can do to help you get this goal is to apply a good skin and hair care routine in the months prior to the wedding day. For any bridal this is extremely vital as not only will there be many photographs taken on the wedding day but the condition of the skin will show more in the photos themselves owing to the camera flashes

Any blemishes or skin discolorations will also be much more noticeable owing to the starkness of the white wedding gown. To get the best from your skin you have to start early, at least three to four weeks before the wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you recover the condition of your skin early on.

If you do not have a good skin cleansing routine in place, now is the time to begin, confirm you apply an excellent quality cleanser two times daily and moisturize regularly. It is suggested you cleanse in the morning and before going to sleep every day.

Hydrate your skin, there are 2 basic ways to keep your skin hydrated and to get the most excellent results you should included both into your daily routine. The primary is to drink plenty of water daily; this helps to flush toxins out of the skin. The second is to moisturize every day with a moisturizer that is right to your skin type. This is very vital; the incorrect type of moisturizer can really do more harm than good.

Lifestyle and diet reflect in both your skin and your hair as well. The improved your diet, the more beautiful you will look. Hair care should include a handling with olive oil applied only on the hair’s ends at night-time and washing it off the next morning. Trim your hair every four to five weeks even if you are growing it for an up do, and do not brush it after washing. You should always wash condition and moisturize your hair, including your human hair extension every two to three days. Your hair extensions will not get the natural scalp oils so you will require adding moisturizing to your routine. The other choice is to wear a lace front wig which could give you a beautiful long hair also. Lace front wigs come in different length, styles and color, so pick the one that fits your wedding dress best.

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