Make your Brown Eyes Beautiful with these useful tips


Brown eyes, compared to the lots of other catching eye colors, have their own drama, one that shows a glow of the earth’s base color, and the warmth of its richness. Some girls would really love to have brown eyes, while some girls who already have them are just not so pleased with it, thinking it is rather dull or bland. But that is a thing that does not hold true to itself. Brown eyes are very exotic and expressive and they can be the best eyes to emphasize, in terms of eye make-up for brown eyes, since many great colors suit them well. Here you find a few tips of what can be done to make your eyes look even more stunning!

If you are a brown eyed girl, you can use eye liner on upper lid and on the lower one to highlight the shape of the outer corners of your eyes. It is most excellent to not use eye liner or dark eye shadows on the inner corners of your eyes, as it makes them appear smaller. In its place, apply natural, bright eye shadows in the inner corners of your eyes and make a dark line on your lids with eye-liner, starting from the center of the eye. Try out with diverse shapes of lines and different colors of eye-liners. Raise your eye-liner up when you are finishing drawing a line and give it a little weave. It makes an illusion that your eyes are almond shaped. Navy or dark blue colored line on your eyelids make your eyes look more interesting.

You will get the best effects when you mix eyeliner with an eye shadow of similar color. Apply it near the eye-liner line to make it look like if it was smudged on your eye-lids. You are free to combine 2 different eye shadows, even the ones with very typical color. Just consider about the rule of using the darkest colors in the outer and the brightest colors in the inner corners of your eyes. For a finish, put 2 or 3 coats of mascara on your lashes. Again, you are free to apply even the darkest mascara, with one coat being suitable even for a daytime look.

Brown eyes look best with evenly dark brows and if you are a natural brunette all you have to do is trim your brows. To emphasize their color and open up your eyes, apply very bright, natural and shiny color underneath your brows. If your brows have natural pale color dying it with henna is a choice you should seriously think. Light brown henna color is suggested to all of those blond haired girls, who have brown, dark eyes.

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