How you care your lips in winter season?

How you care your lips in winter season?

Winter is a season which needs skin care of full body and a particular worry of your face.  Lips have a really thin external layer and few oil making glands, which can lead to extreme dryness. Dry chapped lips are a general difficulty in winter season. Smooth and soft lips figure among the leading indicators of physical loveliness. The lips skin lack oil glands; hence they easily tend to get cracked and dry. The most significant step you can get to achieve the sexiest lips ever is to safety them from the sun. The most excellent safety against sun harm is a water resistant lip balm that keeps lips moist.

One important thing that you should never forget in the winter season is that the sun can still do damage, mainly to the sensitive lips. When you are buying your lip balm you should buy one that has sunscreen in it as well. Generally you can get lip balm that has a SPF of 15 and this will help guard your lips from the damaging heat of the sun. Try to purchase a lip balm with an a kind exfoliating element such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) in order to regularly help renovate the skin on your lips and enable higher diffusion of the other moisturizing elements in the balm.

Tips for lips care in Winter Season

  1. Your lips should be moistening at all time of the day and even at night. Purchase some lip care balsams or sticks and let one of them to be at your house.
  2. Always remove lipstick before you go to bed and also apply some massage with an excellent class of clarified butter.
  3. Hot steam to the lips is the most excellent way to warp. Steam towel and then again apply to the small warp and fine wrinkle clean tidy.
  4. Massaging the lips with ghee (clarified butter) and leave a thin layer of it on lips all night works as a natural protection for lips.
  5. You should also take a healthy diet with fine supply of vitamin B. A good eating of vitamin B will feed your lips and you will never cracked lips.

To prevent your lips from dry and peeling the most easy and economical way is to put Vaseline, and it can wet a moisturizing lotion or moisturizer to cotton attached to the lip for ten minutes, is simply homemade lip membrane.

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