How to Realize Eye Allergy

Your home can be your little piece of heaven on this beautiful earth; it is your haven, your comfort zone. But at times, it can also get you down, particularly when you are allergic to it. Regular allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander and molds can be right inside your home. And since it is not probable for you to keep out of the house, then you should be awake of what you have to do to defend yourself. Your problems with allergies can be resolved using an approach consisting of 2 aspects – applying remedy to the symptoms and discovering the basis of the allergic reaction so you can stop your exposure to it. To resolve the major cause of the allergy, you have to take away all the possible allergens and check if your reactions go and then expose yourself to each suspect and see if the effect comes back. When the specific thing to which you are allergic to has been deduced, and then keep away from it.

Eye Allergy:

Our eyes are the windows to our soul because they reflect our state of our mind. This surely can not be true if our eyes are red, watery, swollen and itchy from an allergic reaction. Harsh allergic eye symptoms can be very painful and are a general reason for visits to the ophthalmologist, allergist, and even the emergency room. Occasionally, severe eye allergies cause serious damage that can threaten eye-sight.

Eye allergies generally are associated with other allergic conditions, particularly atopic eczema (dermatitis) and hay fever (allergic rhinitis). The causes of eye allergies are similar to those of hay fever and allergic asthma. Medications and cosmetics can play an important role in causing eye allergies. Reactions to eye irritants and other eye conditions such as, infections such as pinkeye are often confused with eye allergy.

Causes of Eye Allergy:

Eye allergies are often hereditary, and they happen as a result of other allergic process. Such as, if your eyes are extremely watery as a result of allergies, it’s because your body is releasing histamines. Those histamines make your eyes watery, not the allergen. The reactions in your eyes are sometimes actually over-reactions. If a non-threatening matter gets into your eyes, your eyes can perceive it as injurious, such as dust. Dust is relatively harmless in small amounts, but if a person is especially susceptible to eye irritation, he or she may experience major mucous, tearing, itchiness or redness. While that can be very irritating, it does not mean your vision is being affected.

Stress is maybe the most general type of eye allergy. In most cases it is the effect of eye-strain but it can also come from being over worked or any other stress related doings. The allergy will reduce or end altogether when the cause of the stress is reduced.

Lack of sleep or tiredness can also reason eye-lid spasms and it can simply be remedied by getting some much needed rest.

The drinking of too much caffeine or alcohol can cause eye allergy as well.

Vision related stress or eyestrain can also cause eye allergy this occurs when eye-glass prescriptions need changing and when people use their eyes to much such watching television or working at the computer for long periods of time.

Eyes allergy can also be caused by too much contact to our beloved pets. Cat and dog dander, along with cat and dog hair, is released into the environment. You breathe in the dander and it can annoy the eyes and eyes cause allergy. Don’t worry if you have a cat or dog and you suffer from allergy eyes. There are solutions to treat your eyes and keep your previous cat or dog at home with you.

Symptoms of eyes allergy:

When you experience eyes allergy you can suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: burning, itching, tearing and swelling of the eye. Moreover, you may feel the temptation to scratch your eye, which can make it poorer and your eyes may become sensitive to light.

Some useful Herbs to treat your Eye Allergy:

Cayenne, with this herb you must exercise care, as an eye wash solution does not need much cayenne to be very effectual in providing eye allergy relief and in this case, a little goes a long way. Cayenne super powers any other herb it’s joint with. In addition, cayenne improves circulation and this increased blood flow to the eyes will help in releasing toxins, allowing the eyes to wash themselves, a great form of relief.

Red Raspberry Leaves also shrinks inflamed tissues, red raspberry leaves are outstanding for giving relief to the eyes as there are pain relieving properties contained in this versatile herb.

Eyebright herb is amazing in shrinking inflamed tissues, soothing inflamed mucous membranes and is a natural anti-septic. Combined with cayenne, this herb is superb for gaining eye allergy release.

Rowan Berry Herb has been used for centuries for the healing of many eye disorders, including night blindness, glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Bayberry Bark is well known throughout the ages for its great curing properties, bayberry bark will help give eye allergy relief through its ability to shrink inflamed tissues, reduce pain, and reduce secretion of fluids.

You can also take some steps to improve the environment you live in. Make sure to keep your house clean and clear from as much dander and dust as possible. Use hypoallergenic mattress, cushion and pillow covers to fight against dust and dust mites because all of these factors are possible reasons for allergy eyes.

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