How to hide your aging effects by Makeup

Makeup really is an art type that can be used to reverse the signs of aging. A rightly made up canvas can hide a huge number of sins, helping to even out skin tone and make a smooth polished finish. There is nothing is more aging than a full coverage matte finish that settles in creases, accentuating wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

There are a lot of anti aging make-up products that do multiple tasks. Some of the moisturizers, for instance, hide fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. And they also can contain moisturizer, sun protection and antioxidants. As we age, our skin needs all of the help it can get so it makes perfect sense to purchase anti aging makeup that multi tasks.


Luckily today there are many formulations to pick from. Most mature skin types are dry, so you have to avoid using matte oil free formulas unless your skin is very oily, as these bases can have a tendency to look chalky on the skin. The best foundation base is going to be a hydrating liquid formula, which will not only make your skin look moisturized and refreshed, but will also help to plump out any fine lines.

The right shade of blusher can subtract years from your look. For anti aging makeup, the best shades are corals and pinks or a pinky coral.

Avoid rainbow hues and only apply two colors on your eyes as you mature. It’s important to make definition and structure – remember light colors will open up your eyes, while dark colors will make them recede.

As we age the lips shrink and tend to lose its rosy appearance and some of the darker colors that looked good when we were younger now can make you look older. Applying softer colors such as rose or berry give the lips some color and make them look fuller.

One more useful anti aging skin care treatment is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Most people just don’t realize that the secret to keeping your skin quality flexible and happy is eating the proper foods. That means lots of fibers, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.  These health food staples are a must for you if you want your skin to keep feeling and looking younger.  Here is a bonus – these healthy food staples hold valuable vitamins and minerals which you can get naturally.  No longer do you have to use dangerous procedures to help repair damaged skin tissues and cells and keep young skin. Just remember, you must also cut out oily, fatty, and salty foods from your diet.

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