Hair Loss During And After Pregnancy Is Normal Thing

Hair Loss During And After Pregnancy Is Normal Thing

Women have problems of hair loss during and after pregnancy and this are common and patches of baldness or hair fall can be seen. The major reasons for hair loss in women are mineral and vitamin deficiency and hormonal changes. However, most of the pregnant women do not lose hair. The hair is thick and the hair growth is very excellent at this time. Every pregnant woman loses hair after they give birth and during this stage there is a hormonal change in the body, which is the major reason for losing hair.

During pregnancy women are given minerals and vitamins, which make them, lose little hair. If you lose hair while you are pregnant then you must ask a physician. They would be able to advice on the recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals, the shampoo to be used, how to comb and the hair oils to be used during this time.

Your body goes through lot of changes when you are pregnant. The hormonal changes, more particularly the increased level of estrogen, in a pregnant woman’s body causes the hair to go into a strong growth stage. Therefore, pregnant women do not lose hair that they would usually lose. Result is healthy and thick hair. You must have heard pregnant women being complimented on their healthy, shiny and thick hair.

Once the baby is born, your body will go through hormonal changes again. A giant percentage of your hair that was in the growth phase will now go into resting phase and thus you will experience hair loss after pregnancy. Almost as much as 60 percent of your hair can enter into the resting phase after delivery. The increased hair fall can alarm you just as it does a lot of women. However, you have to know that your hair loss after pregnancy is a symbol that your body is returning to normal.

It is significant to not get too distress when hair loss starts to take place. Remembering that there is at all times hair in the hair brush even when you are not pregnant should help to alleviate some of the concerns. Hair loss after pregnancy is usual and should not send anybody into a panic. Once the body returns to its pre-pregnancy hormonal balance the situation will correct itself.

Because the loss of hair during and after pregnancy can be attributed to a host of conditions, a thorough check-up will maybe need to be carried out! After this, proper prescriptions would be made to arrest this problem.

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