Get Clear Of Annoying Head Lice

Head lice are very annoying for any person because these little insects feeds off the blood and clings towards the scalp of its host. These annoying insects are not easy to get ride off but also come bake after some time.


Causes of head lice:

  • The first common cause of head lice to spread is the contact with infected people. Lice can not swim, fly or jump but close proximity with an infected person helps them to move from one head to other. When these small insects reach to another head, they multiply quickly by laying eggs. Try to not to be expose with an infected person if you don’t want to lice in your head.
  • Sharing your personal things such as clothing, towels, hats, bedding, brushes, combs, hair accessories, headphones, pillows, and stuffed toys with your friends are the second major cause of lice. Head lice feed the blood of the infected person and cannot stay alive without a human host for more than ten days.
  • Lice usually attacks the person who don’t properly care of their hair as well as these little creatures can infect all types of hair, long or short. Usually people don’t know but the major cause of the head lice is the unclean hair.

Symptoms of Head lice:

  • if your skin on the scalp get inflamed then it is clear symptom of head lice. The skin gets inflamed because a person scratches his head in efforts to lessen the itchiness. Because of extreme itchiness, the head develops ruddiness which can lead to the irritation.
  • If you have dry skin on head then it can also be a cause of lice because these tiny insects suck on blood which contributes to the transportation of moisture and nutrients that are necessary to the scalp.

But remember that it is possible that you have lice in your head even if you don’t have these symptoms because sometimes lice do not necessarily cause itching.

Get ride of head lice:

There are countless ways to get ride of these tiny and annoying insects and some of them are given below.

  • The best way to clear your head from lice is to use of a shampoo that is specially formulated for anti lice. You can find countless range of these shampoos in the market place that can be buy without any prescriptions. But, before buying any anti lice shampoo, it is good to take some advice from your doctor because sensitivity of hair is different from person to person. Carefully choose your shampoo because there are some anti lice shampoos with harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.
  • If you don’t want to use anti lice shampoo because of harsh chemicals then there are a lot of natural ways to getting rid of them. There are a lot of home remedies that can range from the application of various topical applications that have been pretend to manual methods that have been used for long times.

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