Causes And Treatments For Hair Loss

Hair loss is an annoying problem for the adults but it is extremely frustrating for the young people who are losing their hair rapidly. Young people are normally much worried about their look and losing hair can be very stressful thing for them. Normally, a hair loss in teen age can be temporary because of some problem and the hair usually grows back after solving the problem. It is regular that a person loses about 50 – 100 head hairs in a day and these hairs are replaced with the new hairs regularly. This is a normal circle of hair loss and no cause for worry at this state. But if you feel that your hair loss is more than 100 hairs so it may be wrong for you. So it is very important for you to check the doctor and he will surely tell you the cause of your hair felling and suggest a treatment that will cure the underlying problem. women-hair-loss-umasala-tips

Causes of hair loss:

There are a lot of causes of hair loss and the first reason is the medication because some medicines cause side effects like loss of hair. Such as, some teenagers take medicines to cure their acne and these medicines have isotretinoin, a chemical that can trigger hair loss. Similarly, amphetamines are also known to cause hair loss and these chemicals are used to make lithium and diet pills. Diseases like lymphoma and leukemia can also cause hair fall even before the treatment begins as well as Chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Anticoagulants, an excess of vitamin A, birth control pills, medicines used for gout and antidepressants are other possible offenders of hair loss.

The lack of iron in the body is another cause of hair loss. Those women are more prone to develop increased hair fall that have heavy menstrual periods because of iron deficiency. Normally women are more prone to lack of iron especially in childbearing age. If you see that handfuls of your hair going down the drain while shampooing then you can manage this problem by making sure that the diet you eat has enough iron. Some healthy fruits like dark leafy greens meat, fish, and eggs are very good sources of iron as well as you can take iron supplements after asking your doctor.

The third more common cause of hair loss is the hormonal changes in teens and adults. Girls experience hormonal fluctuations from the onset of puberty throughout the teenage years. In this time of hormonal changes, your body needs extra support and you must need good nutrition, vitamin supplementation, adequate sleep, exercise and ample relaxation. Nowadays, many teens don’t follow any timetable and have very bad sleeping and eating habits. They usually like to eat junk food instead of health fruits and vegetables and prefer to spend their time on the computer, watching movies and playing games. These ways of leaving badly effects on the hormonal system and often cause undesirable results such as hair loss.

Pregnancy is also very common reason of hair loss because it causes hormonal changes that finally lead to unnecessary hair loss. A big amount of calcium and protein is taken up by fetus so there is a lack of nutrients that are very necessary for hair growth. A child is totally feed from her mother, and if she doesn’t eat proper food then there is a severe deficient in hair food.

It is also seen that some people face the problem of hair fall because of extreme stress. In most cases, it is a temporary condition, and the person got his hair back after the stressful time.

The last but not least cause of hair loss is the hair styling and treatment because in the treatment of hair, people use chemicals to cater the latest fashion demands that can cause hair loss. Some applications such as bleaching, coloring and straightening can cause hair to break and fall off temporarily. But wearing one’s hair tightly pulled back is another type of styling that can actually cause permanent hair loss. This time of styling for a long time can damage hair follicles and lead to traction alopecia.


Home remedies for hair loss:

After knowing the causes of hair loss, you must want to know that how to deal with it. Therefore some of the home remedies are given below:

To stop your hair loss, the first thing you have to do is to increase the consumption of calcium in your diet. Usually people don’t get enough calcium and we all know that it is very important for keeping our body healthy and strong. Calcium is also very good for our hair because it help to keep the hair follicles resilient and strong. You can take calcium supplement on regular basis as well as can eat more dairy products to stop hair loss. Before taking any calcium supplements, it is better for you to ask your doctor and he will properly guide you about it.

Onion juice is widely used to stop the hair loss quickly, for this you have to peel one small onion and grate half of it. Squeeze its juice in a pot and add honey to it. Apply this mixture on the patches where you are losing hair before you go to sleep and cover it with a clean cloth or a towel.

Omega 3 fatty acids have great benefits for overall body and also have been shown to stop hair loss. To avoid hair loss in the first place, it is best to consuming substantial amounts of omega 3s.

Massage your scalp and hair roots with the castor oil but not on the hair, and then wrap the hair with a newspaper and leave overnight. By doing this treatment once in a week, you will get the great results and stop your hair loss within no time.

A mixture of powdered cinnamon, honey, and a bit of olive oil is a great home remedy for hair loss. Mix all of these ingredients and apply to the scalp, leave on for 8 to 10 minutes and then wash with tepid water.

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