Best way to apply Facial Cleanser


Applying facial cleansers feels to be a very simple job to everybody. However, we have to be careful if not it may be risky to us as a slight indifference and carelessness may turn into unwanted skin irritation and its itching. Perhaps, the following tips of do’s and don’ts will be useful. One more thing! The following tips are special for women, though many things are proper for a man also.

Scan Your Skin:

This may be the foremost step towards a hazard free facial cleansing. Our skin type varies a lot, though not person to person. Your skin type may be oily or dry. The 3rd type comes somewhere in between.

Gel for Oily Skin:

Select a cleanser which may soak up this sticky stuff on your face to make it a little drier. As a result you will not see the dirt making layers on your face.

Cream for Dry Skin:

For the dry skin, creamy cleansers carrying a sure amount of moisturizing and minerals elements should be applied.

Say NO to Dr. Chemical:

Sometimes, you might feel irritated seeing the excessive oil flow on your skin. It does not mean that you will purchase something which promises to take away the oil better than any other products. Be careful! It may hold highly toxic elements. These chemicals will press out everything, not only oil, from the skin only to make it look weaker and paler and may cause acne etc.

Overdo Never Works:

No way are you allowed to use cleansers extremely. Apply in limits, neither enough in quantity nor much in regularity. Applying once a day works wonders and twice in the special cases!

Be on Time:

As applying a face cleanser, you are not thought to be in haste. Not too calm either! Do not wash it off your face too soon after using. However, do not leave it for very long also, in both cases the advantages minimize.

Make it wet and Clean:

Before using it, you are thought to provide your face some splashes of not-so-cold water. A wet face is required to use cleanser and even wash your hands neatly. On the other hand use tepid water to remove the cleanser.

Toners come central:

This is significant to get the greatest result. When you take out the cleanser, please use a toner to get the best of this cleaning procedure. Though the cleanser cleans your face deeply, the toner wipes the grime completely if left any.

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