A Simple way to keep your Jewelry Shiny

Do you own a beautiful diamond or crystal encrusted jewelry? Many of these look remarkable at first, but sooner or later they can dull and end up looking less than attractive. You might already be clean up your jewelry every day and even storing it in a good cabinet or box, but if you are not taking special care with the crystals or diamonds, you can be sure they will loose their sheen. Whether you have spent only a few hundred dollars on your jewelry or thousands, keeping the crystals clean will make all the difference. Just follow some useful tips below and get the best result from the recipe for jewelry cleaner.Silver Jewelry Cleaner

First off, you have to find a good jewelry cleaning product. It is not enough to just tag with products that ‘they say’ are excellent for cleaning jewelry. It is significant to pick the exact cleaning products and tools that are particularly designed for your precious jewelry. Never apply harsh cleaning products that have ammonia, bleach or alcohol as these can worsen the excellence of the jewelries or bad, they can damage the jewelry. Start by finding mild jewelry cleaners and you can find one at your nearest local hardware store. But if the tarnish is not that heavy, you can use few drops of liquid detergent mixed in water or baking soda diluted in water. This will work wonder and will restore the jewelry’s shine.

When cleaning jewelry, always use a polishing cloth or a jewelry cloth. This is generally made up of 2 sheets of cloth – the external layer is cotton and the internal layer holds special chemicals that will whiten the jewelry and make it look brand new. By using a jewelry cloth, any scratch to the jewelry is prevented. This cloth generally lasts a dozen of uses so it is value your money. And when polishing silver jewelries, hand polishing is much recommended to keep them shiny and to evade damaging the jewelry surface.

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Cleaning jewelries is not a tough job but you just have to know the best products to use and know how to use them. But the most excellent way to take care of your precious jewelry and prevent them from tarnishing is to keep them in a sealed bag. Do not expose them anywhere and when placing them in a sealed bag, confirm that they are dry because moisture can tarnish them also.

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