A Good Way to Look Beautiful on Wedding Day

All the girls desire to look their best at the most important day in their lives that is the wedding day. So the bridal make up is the most vital thing which is to be kept in mind while preparing for this great day. The trick is to not do too much it, but to keep the natural look and try the best to emphasize the best in the facial features. The best you could do is to get an expert make up artist to do the wonderful for you. He should know how to give attraction to what looks best on your face. Using the accurate airbrush to improve and give an even complexion to the whole face is important.

There are a lot of bridal make-up tips which can be used by the bridal but there are some which are more accepted and generally used. These are the necessary tips that need to be kept in mind for a bridal make-up, these include application of foundation cream and foundation powder, use of concealers, eye shadows, eyeliners, eyelid base, using of lip liners and lip-sticks. Correct application of all these cosmetics can make the bride look stunning and gorgeous.

When applying a foundation cream remember that it should match the facial skin color. A color too light or too bright may fail to do the trick. Be sure, to use the cream on your arm skin to make sure whether it matches the skin color. Once you have the good foundation color, clean your facial skin with damp cloth or tissue-paper to remove dust particles. Now softly use the foundation, avoid a hard massage as it can harm the skin. Applying the foundation cream or powder gently will ensure uniform and smooth application of the cosmetic on the facial skin.

Apply concealers to hide dark spots, pimples and blemishes. Avoid using concealers too much on the same spot as it may cause that part of the skin to become higher-up. Moreover, if possible apply the same shade of concealers as that used for foundation.

Applying light color eye-liner is better than a bright and bold color if the dress is light in color. Use liquid eye-liner as it will help in making the eyes more prominent. Use of a light color as eye-lid base is important if the foundation is light as it would help in blending the skin tone and give a more prominent complexion. Using a lipstick and lip-gloss that best matches the dress makes a more perfect look. It is best to match the ideal color scheme of lipstick and dress to offer a stylish and stunning look.

Some things that a bridal should think before her wedding day

One of the blessed and most important days in the women’s life is her wedding day. Every woman desires to look beautiful and stunning on her wedding day. Proper make-up and dressing can do the trick and portray the bride as the most gorgeous person on her wedding day. To avoid ruining your make up and to make sure its application lasts you need to pick the right products and know how to apply them correctly.

The top foundation to any bridal make up is fresh healthy skin, beauty takes time and preparation. At the very least 6 months before your wedding day you should start a skin plan to get yourself in order for the big day. A monthly facial from a highly regarded beauty salon is sensible. However leave at least one month before the wedding for the last visit to make sure that you have no post facial breakouts that linger around for the big day.

There are numerous things that you can do to get the dream body for our wedding day. A good exercise regimen and a healthy diet are the greatest options. Avoid bread and alcohol a couple of days before, so that you are not bloated for the wedding day.

Make sure to condition your hair well, trim, touch up any roots and grow it to the preferred length. If you are making your hair by yourself, look up some styling tips online and try out your beloved look a few times, so that on the day you can do the style with simplicity.

Your hands and nails will receive tons of minds with guests and photographers alike wanting to have a close inspection. Get good nail care habits going well in advance of the big day? Use a hand cream or lotion every day and a home weekly manicure will keep them in good nick. Artificial nails can be a good option for nail biters, but they need regular maintenance. Be sure to not overlook about your toes, a pedicure can make your feet feel and look wonderful.

Think teeth whitening if it is something that worries you. There are a lot of good home kits on the market. Or I have found the Whitening Mouth Washes superb at getting them a couple of shades lighter if that’s all you require. Avoid coffee, red wine and smoking afterwards as bleached teeth that are more prone to staining.

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