A Basic Guide To Understand And Cure The Pimple

A pimple is a small pustule or papule on the skin and is also known as a spot or zit. A pimple occurs when the dead skin cannot slough off because of a stoppage in the pores of the skin. This stoppage can be a reason of over-production from the sebaceous glands, which help to keep the skin healthy and glowing. A blockage in a pore can also be a reason of infection and dirt, which will cause a pimple. Sometimes, these pimples may become filled with pus. Pimple is an ugly thing and that’s why people want to instinctively pop a pimple when they see it on their face. But it can be more annoying for you because it can take the infectious and blockage material into the other parts of the skin, and can be cause of unsightly scars and painful infections. You can pop your whiteheads and blackheads but red pimples, pus-filled should be left alone. The process of curing the pimple should be done under sterile conditions and it will help to reduce the risk of infection.

Causes of Pimples:

There are a lot of causes of developing pimples and the first one is the bad habits and timing of eating. These days, teens don’t like to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and just like to want junk and fast foods that are major cause of pimples. The people who are prone to pimple try to never eat such foods that have a lot of sugar, vegetable oils and saturated fats. Moreover, everybody should take his or her food at time and tries to avoid cookies, chips, cakes, chocolates, fast food burgers and fries, and other junk foods. These foods are very bad for your health and will cause your insulin to spike and a hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal changes can also cause pimples because usually women get pimples right before their monthly period and that’s why the teen girls are more prone to pimple.

Pimples can also be a reason of genetic reasons: however there is not clear but studies do indicate a high occurrence of acne among girls whose parents had it, too.

Our skin contains many different layers and under the surface layer of your skin, there is tiny oil producing gland known as follicle. It helps to produce natural skin oil, which helps maintain moisture in the skin. But when this gland does not work properly then it can be bad for your skin. When there is a lake of skin oil then there are some hormonal factors that can work to the increase of oil production on skin, making it weak to illness. pimple-acne-cure

Touching the face with unclean hands is another reason of developing pimples. Some people really don’t care while touching their face and in result get the ugly pimples. Sometime you feel that your hands are clean but they actually contain pollutants and dirt from the things you have touched, such as your pen or phone. More so, if you scratch your pimples then you might spread the infection to the other parts.

Skin type is also a big cause of developing pimple and the people who have oily skin are more prone to pimples. Your pores become easily clogged when you have an oily face.

The exposure of our skin to harmful environmental elements such as dust can also be another reason of pimples, which will clog the pores and causing inflammation on the surface of our skin.

You may don’t know but washing your face too much can also be a cause of pimple development. Clean your face with water but over washing could create dryness or even lead to more formation of pimple.

Simple ways to cure pimples:

There are a lot of simple ways to cure pimple and the first of them is to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses every day. After having a long night sleep, your body becomes dehydrated so it very important to consume water when you get up in the morning. You can also steam your face with hot water to open the pores and cleanse them and then wash your face with cold water to close your pores and stop further bacteria getting in there.

To cure your pimple rapidly, you can also use fresh tomatoes. Firstly, cut a small tomato in two pieces and then place it on your pimple for about an hour before washing it off. You can also make a paste of tomato and do the same application with it.

You can also cure your pimple by taking plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on regular basis. Raw fruits are best to cure pimple and you can also take them in the form of juice, but do not add sugar. Try some fresh vegetables like tomato, cucumber, carrot and radish because all these vegetables give growth to fresh cells. Also add some green foods in your daily diet because these are prescribed to keep the body energetic and free from viral infections. If you want to quickly cure your pimples then your have to avoid oily, junk and spicy foods.

Egg whites are also very best to cure your acne; leave it on pimples for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

Glycerin also work best to cure your acne; use it two times a day and then wash with water.

Applying honey on your pimple is another simple way to cure them because it has excellent cleansing and healing ability. Mix honey in a pot of warm water and then washes your face with it and it will also help to open the pores of your skin.

You can also try apricot juice to cure pimple because it is very effective in curing pimples. Apply apricot juice to your pimples directly, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. By doing this procedure regularly, you will see the desired result on your skin.

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