9 Skin Care Tips in Winter Season

Winter season is one of the most unsafe for your face skin. Your face suffers from snow, biting wind, heating and frost at work or home. Your facial skin becomes dry, chapped and sensitive. So, how can you defend and keep your skin vigorous?


Tips of Skin Care in winter

  1. Drink a lot of water. Inside hydration keeps skin cells healthy and plump. Water also helps move nutrients to skin cells, keeping them nourish. Water should be at room temperature avoided hampering digestion. Water rich vegetables like green-skinned and squashes leafy greens are best for internal hydration as well as skin nourishment.
  2. To save chapped lips in winter, always apply lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen. Select lip balm which takes propels.
  3. A perfect moisturizer that suitable for your skin type is must in winter season, to keep skin lubricated. For most excellent outcome, apply the moisturizer to damp skin immediately after the cleansing, to help catch in surface moisture. Pay attention to hands, feet, elbows and knees, which lean to be drier than the rest of your body. If your skin is naturally oily, a light use is best to evade blockage pores.
  4. Don’t apply a water base moisturizer as it takes a lot of water in it, which may cause freezing on your face when you go out. Oil based moisturizer are sensible for you.
  5. You may not be as thirsty as throughout the summer, carry on to drink lots of water to supply the essential hydration to your skin.
  6. You should apply scent free washes and soaps, also evade chemical which adds color and scents as this are the big reason for the skin dryness.
  7. Also give some attention to your feet, the easiest way to take care is to soak your feet in hot water with a bit of salt in it for ten to fifteen minutes and use foot cream. This way one can fight crack of heels in no time.
  8. The dry air throughout winter season can make your skin most terrible, thus it is superior to uphold humidity inside your living room, if possible with a humidifier.
  9. The idea of a hot, long bath on a cold winter day can be attractive, but over use to hot water can dry skin out even extra. Keep showers or baths short; maximum one per day and use lukewarm, not very hot, water. If you have a Vata skin, put in a few drops of bath oil to your water.

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