3 Essential Oils that Work Wonder for Acne Scars

Essential oils are concentrated distillations of different plants (including the flower, leaves, stalks and roots) and many have anti bacteria, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory properties. For those who desire a more natural and holistic approach to acne and acne scar treatment, this may be the answer or part of an answer to your problems.


If you desire to use essential oils for helping to reduce the appearance of acne scarring then you will get many different ones that do many different things. Essential oils are those superb, oily, scented and sometimes colorful little bottles of oil that promise to do all but make one immortal. Sometimes they work on the things that they say they do and sometimes not so greatly. Most essential oils are at least moisturizing in nature but there are some that do make a great difference. If you desire to use those that work though, you are type of limited to just a few.

TheseĀ are a natural option for treating scars so it is important to know how to use essential oils and know the properties they possess before you use them.

  1. Lavender is possibly the most used and most versatile essential oil. It is also one of the only oils you can use directly onto your skin without carrier oil. It has all the anti bacterial properties to battle infections and has been used for centuries as an antiseptic. Applied directly onto spots, it will decrease inflammation and kill off bacteria. In addition, a lavender water spray is a good way to refresh your face. For victims of body acne, a few drops in a bath will help lessen outbreaks.
  2. Neroli is a useful essential oil in the treatment of scars, according to Julia Lawless in her book “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils.” Neroli is a costly essential oil, so it may be worth trying an alternative essential oil before buying neroli oil for the healing of scars. Apply neroli in a carrier oil base, such as sunflower or apricot oil.
  3. TheĀ Rosa Mosquetaoil is taken from the seed of the rose bush. Seeds are processed to get a high concentration of essential fatty acids providing great tissue regenerating. This oil is very helpful in the treatments of acne scars, improving skin texture and quality. The area of scar treatment is one where Rosa mosqueta oil has had huge success.

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