10 Useful Tips for Winter Foot Care

10 Useful Tips for Winter Foot CarePainful feet are regularly experienced following a result of a lack of attention and care. However with a little thinking and tender loving care your feet can thrive and offer you with faithful service. The skin on our feet is thicker than elsewhere; giving much needed defense against the strains and stresses we put them under. Our feet maintain the pressure of your whole body in daily life, and there are lots of acupuncture points in the bottom of the feet link to your internal organs. We like to have vigorous beautiful feet, not only since they are important to our body health, feet with pretty skin are also a brilliant thing to satisfy us. Actually, it is not a hard thing to have beautiful feet just to do some foot care things in daily life, use foot care cream or lotion properly, and at the same time do consider to wear comfortable fit warm shoes in winter.

  1. The first most important thing for foot care is that we should wear a pair of comfortable and warm shoes. We have to walk daily and if we wear a pair of tight shoes, our feet will pain and at the same time we will feel very tired soon.
  2. The second tip for foot care is that we must choose the good beauty products to remove the cutin of our feet. If we do not get free of cutin instantly, it will become thicker and thicker and our feet will feel very pain and we can not walk at last.
  3. The third tip for foot care is that you must apply lotion and wrap the plastic wrap on our feet before we go to bed in every night.
  4. One more important tip is to pedicure should be done at a regular basis. It will keep your feet correctly stylish and cleaned and your nails will be in shape and also free from all the dust in the corners.
  5. At home, never walk bear footed on the floor, especially when the floor is made of marble; try to wear slippers all the time.
  6. Wear socks while going out in the winter and remember that socks will not be tight as it will reduce the circulation.
  7. For the cracked heels apply the cream in large quantity and cover them with soft cotton for a whole night, it will really very helpful.
  8. Daily foot examine is must, perform a foot examine at the same time each day, including the soles of the feet. It is necessary to identify any color change, open sores, blisters, and swelling red streaks, peeling or cracking.
  9. Nails should be cut straight across with a nail clipper and file any rough edges with a nail file.
  10. Even the smallest cut can cause an infection, so use a topical antibiotic balm after washing with mild soap.


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