10 useful Make-up tips in Winter Season

The key to booming use of winter make-up is bearing in mind the harshness of winter weather and the wearing of darker clothes. Unlike summer with its sunny humid days and light clothing, winter is supposed of dry days and warm clothing. Winter make-up should accommodate the weather and reflect the darker colors and heavier clothing. It means you put away the summery eye colors and light foundations and bring out the protective foundations, oil based moisturizers and matte eye shadows in fall and winter colors like brown and grey.winter-makeup-tips


It is usual for people to have paler skin in the winter season than they do in the summer. Winter make up should be used in a way that adds vitality and color to your skin tone. In the winter, the lack of sun means winter make up should contain a light tint that matches skin tone without being clear. The basic foundation must be one shade lighter in order to make the skin look brighter.

These are a few simple tips for the application of winter make up that can make your skin look glowing and healthy despite the darker colder weather.

  1. Winters calls for more defined eyes, so you should use a charcoal or chocolate brown liner along your upper lashes.
  2. Try colored mascara like burgundy, navy, and auburn that gives lashes a subtle color without looking too obvious.
  3. If you desire to draw interest to only one area of your face during winter, it is greatest to put emphasis on your eyes. A smoky eye look will work excellent during this time of year.
  4. It is a good thought to choose for neutral shades of makeup, such as light browns, grays, purples and pinks.
  5. A bit of shine on eyes can be used for a change, particularly if you are using nude shades on your lips.
  6. Keep your lips moisturized in order to guard them from becoming dry and cracked. It is a perfect idea to apply a lip gloss during the day.
  7. A light, matt foundation and a tinted powder with a slight shimmer work wonder in winters.
  8. Use copper and blackberry color polish to darken your nails. It is ideal for the season and looks best on short, just to your fingertips nails.
  9. For fragrance, it is greatest to stick to essence of essential oils and spices.
  10. A sheer layer of soft blush on can boost up the subtle makeup look that you take on in winters.

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