Home Remedies for Dengue Fever


Dengue fever is a contagious viral disease that spread through the mosquito bite. The Aedes aegypti (female) mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water of surroundings and become the carriers of the virus. The disease is described by mild to high fever, joint and muscle pains, headache, and rashes. Dengue fever is also known as the bone breaking fever, because of the severe pain experienced in the muscles and bones. Mild Dengue fever does not pose any serious danger, but the condition may worsen in the lack of right medications. Hemorrhagic Dengue causes internal bleeding and even leads to death. Dengue fever can be analyzed by the signs and blood tests within a couple of days of the fever.

There are a lot of natural and home remedies that can aid you fight this monster without side effects. If the fever is high then wet pads can be used and to lower the fever you should also make sure that the patient drinks a lot of water so that the water balance and blood pressure are under control.

Dhatura is an Ayurvedic version of the well known belladonna and by using the leaves of this plant you can seriously decrease the effects of dengue fever. But think the fact that it is very important not to use more than two decigrams because this plant can lead to bad negative symptoms like dilatation of the pupils or dryness of the mouth.

Eating red rice can get faster the curing process in dengue. Drinking hot soups and herbal teas can generate heat in the body and prevent chills. Leaves of coriander or Roots of amaltas can be used as a tonic for reducing the fever. Further, taking a concoction of fenugreek leaves (methi) or basil leaves (tulsi) can cleanse and soothe the system and also ease symptoms. Orange juice, Amla or amla juice, and grapefruit can support antibody production. Vitamin C present in these fruits can help in improving cellular immunity and preventing dengue hemorrhagic fever.

To cope up with indigestion and decreased urinary output, orange juice which is a good source for fighting fevers can serve as a great help. It promotes anti-bodies for speedy recovery and gives vitamins and energy.

Raw papaya leaves are of a great help in dengue fever, as well. Clean, pound and squeeze 2 pieces and you will get a tablespoon from each leaf. You must think the fact that if you will cook, boil or rinse the leaves with hot water they will loose their strength.

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